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Welcome to Albert's Carpet Cleaning Inc. for many years I was a customer in the carpet cleaning business. I received dissatisfying service on numerous occasions. After trying many different companies, I finally decided that I would be that one business owner that would get the job done right! I went to school and learned the skills I needed to become successful in the carpet cleaning business. Now here I am and have accumulated a long list of satisfied customers in the Denver Metro area. While there are do-it-yourself cleaning methods on the market, and different companies to chose from. Albert's Carpet Cleaning Inc is the right professional to take on the task.

Our goal is to always give quick, efficient, high caliber carpet care and cleaning all around the Denver Metro area. We are ready to provide help 24/7, year round. We have knowledge of the value of observing all of the carpet necessities for all of our patrons in a quick and tried-and-true manner. You can be assured that we will bring to light an everlasting and high-value solution to Denver's all-inclusive business carpet stain removal requirements. If your residence hungers for top-notch carpet and rug cleaning in Denver, call us for the best quality job!



Carpet Cleaning

Our 4 step cleaning method complies with all major carpet manufacturers cleaning guidelines to extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking new. Our carpet cleaners are trained in complete carpet care, the chemistry of spot and stain removal, and keep up-to-date on manufacturer cleaning recommendations. We offer environmentally friendly green cleaning products that are safe for kids & pets in our 4-Step Steam Cleaning Process.

Pet Stains

1. Urine is sterile when a dog or cat urinates.
2. Urine starts as an acid and changes to an alkaline salt over time.
3. Urine salt attracts moisture and breeds bacteria.
4. Bacteria produce a bad odor.
5. Urine does not dry ... it can remain sticky for years.

We use a 3-step process which safely kills the germs and bacteria that cause the odor.

Upholstery Cleaning

1. Pre-inspect for type of material, material condition, colorfastness, stains, and overall soiling.
2. Prepare the area to protect surrounding furnishings and floors.
3. Pre-vacuum to help remove loose soil, pet dander, dust mites, etc.
4. Pre-treat stains and heavily soiled areas.
5. Lightly agitate to loosen stains and soil.
6. Complete steam rinse and extraction to remove soil and stains.

Area Rug Cleaning

Types of Rugs we Clean
    Hand-made including Persian, Chinese, Turkish, Moroccan, Pakistani, and Dhurry.

    Machine-made including Wilton, Axminister, and Karastan.

    Any area rug made from wool, virgin wool, silk, cotton, blends, nylon, and olefin.

    Dry-clean-only rugs.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Ceramic, Marble, Limestone, Granite, Terracotta, Terrazzo, Porcelain, Travertine
How We Clean Tile & Grout
1. Vacuum to remove loose soil.
2. Pre-treat tile and grout with an alkaline detergent to break down dirt.
3. Hand scrub tile and grout to loosen ground-in soil.
4. High pressure rinse to remove detergent and soil.
5. Acid treat tough stains.

Water Extraction

Water damage restoration
Heat Assisted Structural Drying
Flooded Basement
Leaking pipes
Sewer back up
Water clean up
Flooded Carpet
Flood cleaning service
Emergency cleanup
Flooded house cleanup

House Cleaning

Keeping a clean house is important for many reasons. First of all, a clean house is appealing to both the inhabitants and guests. It is absolutely amazing the difference you feel between walking into a messy room and walking into a clean room. The clean space makes you feel safe and calm where the messy room makes you feel on edge. A clean house also gives a good impression to anyone who visits.

Auto Detailing

Interior Detailing Only

Interior Detail Starting at $95.00
Shampoo and deep extraction of carpeting & mats
Cloth seat shampoo & Clean seatbelts
Thorough cleaning of all vents, cracks, crevasses and compartments

Our Promise

We promise to provide professional, polite and uniformed technicians. We offer great up front pricing that will save you money in the long run and the experience and service that really makes us the best company for all your residential or commercial carpet cleaning needs.



  • Jessica


    Albert's Carpet Cleaning is not only professional, they are experienced and take pride in the work that they do. They do not cut any corners and they use organic cleaners not harsh chemicals. I have two dogs that don't always make it outside, so there are pet stains.

  • Selena


    Albert's Carpet Cleaning is the best in town! Yesterday was the second time that I have used Albert's for my carpet cleaning needs and he did an excellent job! He takes pride in his work and stands behind his service. The level of service that they give is excellent. I received a quick response and they were at our house within a couple of days.

  • Michael


    I have used other companies in the past that claimed to get the stains/odors out, but when they were done the carpets were very wet and the stains/odors were still present. When I called them to fix it they never returned my call.

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